About Us

Burningpony is a web and IT consulting firm with a focus in business process. We help improve small to mid sized business IT perspective through product research, web application development, mobile application development, IT platform design, and large system scaling.   We strive to be a guiding light for our clients when IT is so critical to our everyday workflow yet so complex and ever changing that it’s hard for small business to stay ahead.

Russell Osborne :  Lead Developer

Russell has been helping small businesses for almost 10 years, acting as a Chief Technology Officer for many small to mid sized businesses. He continues with this at Burningpony, acting as our lead System Architect,  helping to build and rescue multi-year project and business process applications.   Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his wife and family, biking, rock climbing, dirtbiking and farming.

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Sam Congleton :  Developer

Working closely with BurningPony client teams, Sam has helped to build enriched applications for various client operations. From internal tools to complex user facing web-based applications, Sam has enjoyed improving process, performance, and efficiency of businesses with BurningPony for 3 years.  Outside of Computer Science, Sam generally enjoys activities that include competition, education, and adventure.