Using Olark for In-App Annoucments

Anyone who supports a web application find themselves with a need to get users pumped about new features, or explain a downtime. And one thing that using Olark over the years is that conversations are always better.

Olark has a feature that can easily be abused to produce In-App Announcements, that are app, and or page specific.   The basic idea is that for every visitor (unique), we send them a message of our announcement, and we link to our blog for further details.

Shows the various settings required to use olark as in-app annoucments.Shows the various settings required to use olark as in-app annoucments.


In our example,

  1. We only want to message the user why someone is on to answer questions
  2. When they are a specific application (we support a lot of applications)
  3. And the important one, “Once per unique visitor”

Gets you this, hopefully with a more useful message

Screenshot 2015-10-19 10.08.58


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